McDonald’s New Birthday McFlurry Is Topped With Sprinkles And Custard Pie

The McDonald’s McFlurry is one of the tastiest fast-food dessert options out there. Whatever your choice of topping, you can always count on it to be creamy, cooling, and delicious. However, it does feel like countries around the world get better flavor options than we do in the US, from the Cinnamon Doughnut Ball McFlurry to caramel popcorn ice cream, just to name a few. Now, McDonald’s Australia has unveiled its new Custard Pie Birthday McFlurry and I want it immediately.

It’s a totally different McFlurry from any McDonald’s has ever offered. Sure, you’ve got your standard soft-serve ice cream, but this one is topped with bite-sized pieces of custard pie and has loads of caramel sauce and sprinkles over the top. Ugh, yes!!

You can even get the custard pie on its own if you’d prefer. I know it’s not really as big of a thing in the US, but it’s delicious and it should be. Custard? Good. Pie crust? Good! (Channeling Joey from Friend here.) In any case, if you don’t want the ice cream and would rather just go with the pie, you can do that!

Both of these treats are only available for a limited time. The Custard Pie Birthday McFlurry and the custard pie itself will be available starting on July 7, but they won’t be around forever, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to try one (and you live in Australia).

We need to start petitioning McDonald’s US to bring some of these amazing concoctions our way, don’t you think?

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