Cristina Fox on Turning Social Media into a Full-Time Business

The popular influencer shares her best tips for making a name for yourself online

When it comes to differentiating yourself on social media, getting noticed and growing even a decent following can seem nearly impossible. Social media has become such a saturated market with so many individuals and brands trying to achieve similar goals. While creating a successful online presence is quite the challenge, Cristina Fox is someone who was able to establish an enormous fan base as well as a thriving online business.

Cristina first began building her social media platforms after making the risky decision to leave the financial stability of the corporate working world due to unfair sexism and stereotyping. On top of that, Cristina had always wanted to be her own boss. The process to expand her social media, however, was not easy by any means. She faced long days, hateful online trolls, and a plethora of other circumstances that could have stopped her from pursuing her dream. Instead, Cristina stuck to her guns and used any negativity as her motivation to succeed. Now, she has more than 4 million followers on Instagram, and she runs multiple accounts with large followings as well.

Things began to really take off when Cristina realized the full potential her social media platforms had when it came to monetizing the content she was sharing on social media.She realized that once her Instagram had gained a lot of attention and traction, there were infinite ways she could use her popularity to start a business. The hard part was narrowing down what direction she wanted to take her brand.

Cristina found that her greatest challenge when building out her business was to always stay motivated and try to keep things new and fresh in order to keep her followers engaged. The social media world can be a hostile environment with a lot of doubters and unrealistic expectations, but her number one goal from the beginning was to create an uplifting page of positivity and make her fans as happy as possible.

Cristina suggests that the early stages of your social media business are when it is the most crucial to stay motivated and determined because it can take a long time, sometimes even years, to grow and learn how to properly maintain your account. Cristina has always been extremely professional and organized in all aspects of her life, and she credits these qualities with having helped her climb to the top of her industry.

Cristina literally built her multi-million follower fan base from the ground up, beginning with zero followers, and she wants other people to know that they can do it too. She stresses that anybody can be successful, no matter what their size, gender, shape, or age might be. “Success is a matter of drive, passion, and consistency,” she explains. Her primary goal moving forward is to motivate and coach others that would like to achieve something similar to what she has managed to accomplish. She especially wants to empower other women to have the freedom of expression and be successful from the comfort of their own homes.

Cristina’s best piece of advice for other aspiring social media moguls is to always have passion for what you do. If there is passion behind whatever you are doing, you will get noticed, and you will ultimately succeed.

We would like to congratulate Cristina on her amazing work thus far, and we look forward to seeing what she does next. Readers can follow Cristina Fox on her Instagram, or visit her website.

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