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Difference between United Kingdom, England and Great Britain with their flags & maps

Hello fans, in this post today, I will be showing you something you probably don’t know about before now, something you do know little about, or perhaps you do know but still not sure. This is nothing but the difference between England, United Kingdom, and Great Britain. For easier and better understanding, I have attached their maps and flags for you to see.



england flag

To begin this teaching I will like to start with England. England is a country on its own. It contains 51 major cities and London is its Capital. A man from England is called Englishman, a woman from England is called Englishwoman.

United Kingdom

england flag

The United Kingdom is a combination of several nations that combined together to form a union. As the word “United” there indicates that these countries came in unity to form one body. UK is not a country but a United Body. The countries that forms the United Kingdom are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. United Kingdom consist of four countries.


ireland map


The Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland used to be a single nation until 1922 when they got separated. The Northern Ireland Joined the United Kingdom while the Republic of Ireland stand alone. You can see from the diagram below the countries and the year they join the United Kingdom.

Great Britain

great britain

Great Britain is also an ancient combination of three great nations of England, Scotland and Wales. This great combination have birth many nations especially in Africa including Nigeria. A person from this region is often referred to as the British.

Their Capital City

The Capital of England is London, and the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. The capital of Wales is Cardiff, that of Northern Ireland is Belfast while Republic of Ireland is Dublin.

The Union Jack – Flag of United Kingdom

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uk maps

uk maps - 1

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